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The Shema Bible Study course is designed to     take the student into the Old Testament so they can explore the fundamental teachings of Christianity. A sincere student of the Scriptures will realize that Jesus, as did all of the other New Testament writers, quoted or alluded to the Old Testaments in such a manner as to highlight the Old Testament's importance and authority. By clicking the ink below you will be connected with the Shema Bible study course. Don't be fooled with the simplicity of the courses appearance. The material presented will challenge you to dig deeper than most Bible study courses.

At this very moment a revolutionary 

Bible study curriculum is being developed. Over the last year we have told you that we were working on a set of studies designed to take the student deeper into the Word of God. After much prayer we have decided to alter the topics that we are presenting. Our work with individuals across the country has revealed that there is a great void, a treemendous need, that is not being fulfilled by the material currently available. The upcoming curriculum with help the student experience the Kingdom of GOd in a way they never dreamed of. During the next few months we will release small sections of the studies as a "teaser". The curriculum is being created with the intention of being practical, applicable, and relevant to individuals living in the 21st century. For more detailed information, feel free to email or call us using the information below.

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