Conviction Ministries Inc.

​​​- Setting Sin's Captives Free - 

Conviction Ministries reaches out to those considered by many to be the "unreachable". Though initially founded to minister to those who are incarcerated, God has broadened our ministry to reach out to those who are in bondage to sin. Sometimes that bondage is to drugs, alcohol, or pornography and at other times it's simply hopelessness, depression, and a perceived lack of purpose. What we realized is that God had called our ministry to share the gospel with the poor, to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to those held captive by sin, freedom to those imprisoned within condemnation. By sharing hope with the hopeless, love to those unloved, and purpose with those who saw no point in living, we have been able to watch the power of God restore that which was lost. We have been able to witness the spiritually dead be come back to life.

Address for Inmate Correspondence
P.O. Box 577 Saranac, Mi. 48881

Address for Donor Communications
PO Box 185 Coldwater, Mi. 49036

Office Phone Number: 616-987-0234


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"​Remember those who are in prison,

as though in prison with them..." Hebrews. 13:3 

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Conviction Ministries is operated solely by volunteers who dedicate their time, money, energy, and spiritual gifts to the spreading of the Gospel. We have purposely designed our ministry so that the maximum amount of funds can go towards our mission. Many ministries and organizations are extremely top heavy. Some of the ones we hold dear to our hearts are scarcely putting 10% of their donations towards those they are seeking to reach. Though we do have administrative costs, we try to offset as much as we can using our own resources and monies. We have struggles and trial, but God has continually helped us expand. Your support is needed to help us set sin's captives free. If you would like to make a real difference in this world, please consider supporting our ministry. If you are interested in volunteering for us by creating a chapter of Conviction Ministries in your area, please contact us directly by emailing us at God Bless!

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Pictured above are the officers and volunteers of Conviction Ministries Inc.

 Greg and Brenda Emelander, Art Hotchkiss, Sr. Tim Crapser, Trina Hart& Autumn Savage Clark

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Where Darkness Reigned

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